What is Ready Steady Change?

Ready Steady Change is us: Anne Green and Jason B. Lassner. Although we make our living helping other people change, that didn’t make changing our own behavior any easier. We flinched in the face of change for decades before losing more than 40 lbs. each in 2007 and figuring out how to keep it off.

How can we help you?

We’re not here to tell you what to do—we know that WON'T help. What we have to offer is an insider’s view of how lasting changes are really made.

What happens if you don't flinch?

1. Listen to our new podcast, Change The Conversation, where we get our hands dirty making new behavior changes--and share our unscripted adventure with you along the way.

2. Read our series of cornerstone blog posts—our “Roadmap in a Nutshell”—where we describe our novel approach to change using an example many of us can relate to—losing weight.

3. Download a sample chapter of our book, “The Roadmap: A Fable About Permanent Behavior Change,” a fictional story about a professional woman and mother of two who faces a true-to-life behavior change crisis.